Minnie and Flo’s Breakfast

minnie and flo

Minnie had a couple of rough days, and I would imagine she’ll have some more.  But over the weekend, she’s been doing great.     Saturday I saw Minnie and Flo confront each other for the first time.  Minnie crouched on one side of the wheelbarrow and Flo on the other.  I heard those low strange cat noises passing between them and left them alone to work it out.  Later Minnie made herself a cozy and warm little straw bale home in the hay in the barn.  Such a good hiding place, Jon and I had a hard time finding her, until it was feeding time, which she never fails to appear for.   (Through it all, Minnie has never lost her appetite.)  We’ve been letting Minnie out in the morning and bringing her back in to the house after the 3pm feeding.  This morning, for the first time, I watched as Minnie and Flo ate breakfast next to each other, just like they used to.

I don’t think it’s ever a straight line, but Minnie seems to be healing and figuring out her new life on the farm.

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