Taming My Brain

Snow on the roof of my School House Studio
Snow falling on my School House Studio

I feel like I drank three cups of coffee this morning.  I didn’t , I haven’t had caffeine in years, but I’m a buzzin’.  I’m thinking it must be hormonal.  I have a million idea and each one seems like it’s the best idea I’ve ever had.  I don’t know where to start.  And it’s snowing outside, the first time this year.  I know it won’t last long, but I have a great urge to keep the fires in the wood stoves going, to organize the fire wood in size order,  it’s  just another one of those fabulous ideas running through my head.  Every where I look there’s something that needs to be done and I want to do it.  It doesn’t seem a burden to think about rearranging the hall closet, but brilliance!
Best to take it to my studio.  I can already picture the tornado of fabric and thread swirling around  inside my studio (or is that my brain) waiting to be plucked out of the whirlwind and tamed into a potholder, quilt or scarf.  I’ll take an extra vitamin B and see if that helps create enough order to actually get something done and not just run in mad circles.

7 thoughts on “Taming My Brain

  1. A productive and beautiful whirlwind….I am in a similar frame of mind today. Finished a quilt top before 7:30 this morning…of course, it was already in process.

  2. Oh my goodness. I arranged our firewood today! Organized it by the woodstove(that’s going now). I do a kindling bucket, a holder for starter wood-the skinnier little pieces and the last for regular size wood. I love firewood. I know you do too. Then I raked out the gutter of leaves and the front porch too. I’ll take this any day over any sort of housework.(oh, the dread.)
    I think there’s something energizing about the first snow. None in MA yet.

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