The Story of Struwwelpeter

Hankie given to me by Uta
Hankie given to me by Uta

It seems quite a few of you (including Uta, of course, who gave me the hankie) know the story on this hankie to be  a German tale about a kid named Struwwelpeter.  Christina, (who just bought my quilt Hope Blooming) sent me an email with this discription:

“This guy with the crazy hair and long fingernails is Struwwelpeter, the main character from a popular german children’s book by Heinrich Hoffmann from 1846. the other ist Hans-guck-in-die-luft roughly translates: Hans who is looking up in the air… Which explains, why he keeps falling into things….and drowns.”

If you’re interested in knowing more about Struwwelpeter, check out the comments here.  There are links with pictures and translations from lots of readers.

I’m going to be making the hankie into a pillow for Tess.  Her mother used to tell her this story when she was a kid.

Thanks everyone for all the information on Struwwlepeter.  Much better than wikapedia.

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  1. I am so glad that this started a conversation. I guess there are a lot of Landsmaenner on this blog. I had forgotten a lot of the storries since I’m in the USA 58 years. Nice that the hankie will have a new home.

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