Minnie’s Story

Waiting for Minnie to come home
Waiting for Minnie to come home

My potholders have become a way for me to express what is going on around me and inside of me.  They often tell stories, and relay messages, which is why I’ve begun calling them Message Potholders.

I have four potholders that I made over the past few weeks telling Minnie’s Story.   It spans the time from when we found Minnie injured in the barn and she had her leg amputated and began healing.

The first one I made when Minnie was in the animal hospital and we were waiting for her to have her surgery.  It’s called Waiting for Minnie to come home.

Minnie Wants to be free
Minnie Wants to be free

The second one, Minnie wants to Be free, I made during the time that Minnie was in the house recuperating after her leg was amputated.  It was clear that Minnie preferred to be outside rather than inside.  When we did let her out to see what she would do, we saw the real Minnie.  The barn cat and hunter that she is.  And although we brought her back in the house till she could get around better, she would sit at the back door and try to run out when we opened it.

At home in the barn
At home in the barn

The first day we put Minnie outside for the whole day, she disappeared for a while. I have to admit I was worried, but at feeding time, there she was, waiting in the barn at her empty dish.  Since then Minnie has lots of  new  places she likes to hang out in the barn, depending on where the sun is.   She is truly At Home in the barn.

Free at last
Free At Last

Now Minnie goes out each morning, eats breakfast with Flo then finds a patch of sun in the yard or hangs out with the chickens or  sits, like the queen on her throne, on top of the hay bales in the barn.  We still bring her in at night where she chooses which dog bed to sleep on and walks around the house as if she’s always lived inside.  Minnie is once again, Free At Last.

Each one of these Minnie  potholders are for sale Sold.  They are $20 each + shipping.  If you’re interested in one or more, just email me here or at [email protected].





3 thoughts on “Minnie’s Story

  1. They are wonderful! Dont know how you can part with them, but you have your Minnie! So happy she’s doing so well. You & Jon have certainly the best for her-She,s one lucky kitty!

  2. These are gentle and beautiful Maria. I’m not at all surprised they sold in a minute. I love how Jon shared Minnie’s story in his stories and you have shared it in your art. I still love the one of wai
    ting for Minnie to come home, with the falling leaves around her. It’s so poignant

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