You want who to sign your book!?

Frieda with her stick in front of her dog house.
Frieda with her stick in front of her dog house,she will not be signing books.

Connie had some books for Jon to sign, so after lunch and the Post Office,  we went to Battenkill Books.  Now, a while back Jon asked me if I would be willing to sign some of the copies of his new book Second Change Dog since me and Frieda are a big part of it.  I agreed, thinking there might be a few people interested in having both our signatures.  But it seems, that of the over 300 pre-orders that Connie got for the book, most of them want my signature as well as Jon’s.  So.. focused as I am on getting my Plaid Friday Potholders done, as well as the rest of my work, I wasn’t thinking that I’d be spending a day next week signing books.  When I agreed, I didn’t really think of it all that much, but now, all of a sudden it’s real.   And it’s lovely, I mean, it’s really a nice thing, I’m just kind of surprised by it.
“Are you sure you don’t mind”, I asked Jon,” me signing your book.”  Honestly, I don’t know how I’d feel about Jon signing my work, even if he contributed to it somehow. But after all, it was his idea, and I’m not laying claim to the book itself.  I’m just the only other major character in the book that can sign her name.

So, here we go.  I know where I’ll be next Tuesday when Jon’s book comes out.  Albany in the morning for his interview at WAMC, Battenkill Books in the evening for Jon’s first reading and Battenkill books in the afternoon, signing, signing, signing……..

15 thoughts on “You want who to sign your book!?

  1. I will be so honored to have your signature in my copy of the book. CONGRATULATIONS….
    The plaid Friday items are just great and will be a huge hit!

  2. Maria, first please let me express my condolences. Sweet Tess most likely had a better life thanks to you and Jon. Secondly, I am honored to have both you and Jon sign my book!
    And finally, I got your Minnie pot holders today (for my sister) and I love them. I will post when I give them to her on her birthday. Peace.

  3. I hope that the book I have ordered will have both signatures. No, I am not asking for a paw print!

    Both you and Jon have grown into such completely rounded people and fine persons over the past few years as you realize what an enormous jump it takes to trust the public with your lives and everything this may entail, including (but I do hope not) endless criticism and even venom)

    Everyone and the kitchen spider seem to be writing blogs these days and most of them merely prove what dull little things we are! Your two blogs are among the handful of shining exceptions.

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