Dreaming in Fairy Tales

kittens etc

Some pieces come easy, they just pour out of me.  Others give me a hard time.  The words came first on this piece and they flowed.  I just sat down at my machine and started stitching and there they were.  The rest of it…..came one tiny piece at a time, with lots of rejected options between. At least four different donkeys and a gazillion different moons.  The cat in the moon came to me late in the day.  I ran in the house and found the scrap paper I did of drawing of Minnie on one night as she was curled into a ball at my side. The flowers,moon, dove and star floating from the basket on the donkeys back are perfect, but I don’t know why.  I just know that everything else I tried didn’t work.  I think I have a border picked out, but I don’t have to make that decision until I get this all sewn together, so it can wait.

We’re going to New Jersey for Jon’s Ted Talk tomorrow, so I’ll have to get back to this on Monday.  By then I’ll  be able to see what it really looks like.  By now I’m just to close to it.   I’ve spent so much time looking at this piece today, I’ll probably see it when I close my eyes tonight.

8 thoughts on “Dreaming in Fairy Tales

  1. Maria, if this isn’t sold already, I would so much like to purchase it. I am recovering from hip surgery and it brightened my mood just to see it. Althea

  2. The vibrant colors are so enhanced by your arrangement of them!! This is so different from your purple and green batik artistry, but both are so BEAUTIFUL! The way you arrange the colors and shapes, Maria, just reach out and grab my eyes!!! Annie

  3. WoW! This is piece is beautiful. The juxtaposition of colors, matching one side to the other. The orange, purple. I can imagine this framed! And, I love anything with Minnie in it too >o< Thank you.

  4. Hi Maria,
    If for some reason Althea decides not buy this, I’d love to be next in line. The colors are gorgeous and your words evocative, as always. Kathy

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