Mud and Manure Moon


There on my kitchen floor was the crescent Moon.  Truly, I looked down and saw a mud and manure, hay and pebble Moon.  How did it get on my kitchen floor.  How did the Moon come to be made of earth.

Somehow the Moon got trapped in the sole of my boot, then escaped onto my kitchen floor, perhaps thinking it was back home in the night sky.

I placed this earthen, cookie cutter moon on a blanket of stars and put it back outside where it belongs.  Hoping,  that as the day turns to night it finds its way home.

7 thoughts on “Mud and Manure Moon

  1. Your wonderful artist’s eye caught the moon! Love it. The moon and Venus have been so striking this week. As I leave work at night, through the tree branches, I catch them, and last night they were brilliant in an all-pink sky.

  2. Totally awesome find Maria. You’re great to return it to the weather. I think I’d have kept it around on my sill for a bit. Ahhh… I think you’re a gentler creature than I.

  3. Maria, I was trying to catch up with everyone’s blogs and after reading dozens of posts and enjoying twice as many photographs I stopped here to see the manure moon. I must say it really did hit a chord with me. If everyone would take a minute out of their day to see some beauty in the manure of our lives we might just have a fighting chance. This was ‘simply’ perfect.

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