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death row

I haven’t read all of Jon’s books. There’s one about technology that I don’t know I’ll ever get to.  But I’ve read most of his mysteries.  This one, Death Row, popped up in an Amazon email last week.  I got it yesterday, just in time for our trip to Montclair,  New Jersey, where the inspiration for Jon’s suburban detective novels came from.  I like reading these mysteries because they give me a peek into Jon’s life before I knew him.  And, of course, because they’re a good read.

So we’re off to Montclair, where Jon is giving a TED Talk on Creative Aging.  I’m a fan of TED Talks, so when Jon got invited to do one, I was very excited for him.  One of the nice things about when Jon gives a talk is that he’s never nervous about it, so for me it’s just enjoyable.

Jon doesn’t rehearse, but for weeks before a book tour or any talk he’s giving, he tries out ideas in casual conversation.  So even though I don’t know exactly what Jon will say in his Ted Talk, I’ll be hearing the things we’ve been talking about come out in a cohesive, comprehensive and engaging way.  And it’s always interesting to me to see just how he does it.     Even on his book tours, when I hear the same talk again and again, it’s always interesting, because it’s actually never the same. Jon’s mind is never dull and I get a kick out of trying to figure it out and how he moves from one idea to another.

So here we go, off to New Jersey and the TED Talk.  I’m leaving my computer home and seeing the trip as a bit of a get-away.  We’ll be back on Sunday, so see you then.

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  1. Death Row – a good read. After reading Jon’s animal books and reading his blog since its inception I discovered his suburban detective novels. I’ve only managed to find two at my library but am hoping to one day read the others. Enjoy New Jersey; it’s always nice to get away for a short while.

    1. Oh big secret Jill, I found out you can get them on amazon sometimes for $1.00 depending on the book and it’s condition. This one cost $5 with shipping.

  2. I too loved Jon’s mysteries. I always looked in the new book section of our library to see if the next one was available.
    Having read his mysteries, my ears perked up when I heard him being interviewd on our Public Radio Sation about his “The New Work of Dog’s” book.
    The rest as they say is history. I started following his books about the move to upstate NY and his dogs then the blog, then the photos and you, and now you are both an important, meaningfu, inspirational part of my daily life. So much so that when Jon’s blog was not coming through yesterday I was frightened that something had happened to him, or you, or the farm, but then it came back so all is well!
    From Fran

  3. Such a title: “Death Row.” NJ was a much needed get-a-way! Congratulations!!! A great Ted Talk… & a fun time too. I feel your happiness. A “Welcome Home”: Minnie & Flo Purrrrring <3

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