My Frieda, The Second Change Dog

2nd  Connie at Battenkill Books is expecting a shipment of Jon’s new book The Second Chance Dog  in this afternoon.  She kindly bought me a pack of colored markers to make my part in signing the books a bit more fun.  And I have to say, I can’t wait to break them out.

But today, Battenkill Books, Jon, me and Frieda(although she may not be as aware of it as the rest of us are) are trying to reach the 500 mark.  Connie already has way over 400 preorders for The Second Chance Dog (and don’t forget the love story part) and we’d like to make it 500 before the book officially comes out tomorrow.

So if you were thinking of ordering the book and looking to have Jon (or Jon and me) sign it, today is a good day to do it. Not only will you get the book, but  you’ll also have a chance of winning a free bag of Fromm’s Dog food or one of Jon’s signed photos of Minnie and the Chickens.

You can call Connie at 518 677 2515 or click here to place an order  at Battenkill Books.

Frieda, not completely sure what all the fuss is about.
Frieda, not completely sure what all the fuss is about.


10 thoughts on “My Frieda, The Second Change Dog

  1. Maria, I have always asked my small town library to purchase Jon’s books since I was given earlier books by Jon a few years ago (all books on dogs as I am a ‘dog-person’ apparently to my friends) and they always seem ahead of me for they’d already put an order in for Second Chance Dog. I’m the first person on the request list. I think I did impress the library though when I said that it wouldn’t be out for publication until this Tuesday…made me feel like I had some insiders news…(smile).

    Good luck with the sales tomorrow…I couldn’t agree more with Jon, publishing is changing, he’s riding a new wave. It will be interesting to see how it all works out.

    SandyP, in Southern Ontario, Canada

  2. Maria, thanks for the reminder. I just called in to Battenkill to become one of the 500 preorders. Looking forward to receiving my copy with your (colorful) signature on it. Best wishes to you and Jon on the new book.

    Providence, RI

  3. Maria, I am really looking forward to the launch tomorrow and to reading the book. I remember talking to you about it at Battenkill last spring and November seemed so far away. Now here we are ~ how exciting! I love the idea of colored markers for you ~ all your beautiful colored fabrics make them just perfect. Have fun signing ~ see you tomorrow!!

  4. Oh dear, both of you; your poor aching hands. This has turned into a major project!

    I pre-ordered quite a while ago and just want to say “Please don’t send any dog food if my name turns up in the giveaway–our 3 cats would be most unappreciative…”

    My very best wishes to you both and please tell Jon–your Ted Talk experience reminds me of my beginning as a speaker for the Delaware Humanities Association: the near panic, the cold sweats and my voice feeling like a bat’s squeak.

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