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The set of markers Connie gave me to sign books with
The set of markers Connie gave me to sign books with

Oh all the colors, what to choose first.  Connie wrapped the markers up and put a bow on them.  The perfect gift.  I nervously signed the first book. But by the time we got to book 100 or so, the only thing I was thinking about was what color to use. It was fun seeing the names of people I knew.  Oh that’s Linda and Mark, I’d tell Jon. Then I’d explain how I know them,  “Linda bought my Full Moon Donkey, and I made her husband Quilt for a Good Man.”  “Look,” I’d say, “It’s Susan… or it’s Candy,” and we’d talk as if we just saw them walk through the bookstore.  Then there were the names we didn’t know.  Which we were just as happy to see,  all those people out there we don’t know who are buying books and reading blogs.

Connie’s mom, the painter, Marilyn Brooks was taking phone orders ( she has a new painting hanging in the bookstore, a lovely landscape with a barn), Kate was processing them and Connie was matching the orders to books (among other things)  While we were there, someone placed the 500th order.  We signed as many books as Connie had, about 200, so we’ll be back in Battenkill Books when more come in at the end of the week.

I have to admit, it was kind of fun hanging around the bookstore and signing  books.  And I think I got my signature down too.


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  1. I’m anxious to see what color you will have used on my book. Thank you so much for personalizing this book. I can’t wait to receive it!!

  2. i’m so excited for you guys — your success is so well-deserved — i’m just finishing anne lamott’s book ‘stitches’ and think you’d really enjoy it if you haven’t already read it

  3. I’m so happy for you both! I pre-ordered a book and used my PayPal account. I think the name on it is “Art Happens” which is the name of my blog. I hope I got your signature, too – but if not that is OK. You both are a team and I enjoy my mornings with you both :) There were one or two more poems added to the Imaginary Garden challenge (in case you didn’t know) Thanks a lot for allowing us to have fun with your “visual poems” and I hope to do it again in this spring.

  4. Dear Maria, I am so looking forward to my book, too!! And I am so excited that you signed it!! HOW TERRIFIC ! YOU AND JON REACHED THE GOAL OF 500 PRE-ORDERS AT BATTENKILL!! Annie

  5. Congratulations Big Time Maria, -on your upcoming interview. So glad you are getting some special recognition, accept it and know you have worked very hard to reach this point in your career. Even I can see how your work and talent have exploded.
    Hope your interview will appear on Facebook so we all can see it.
    Best wishes for many more creative ventures. Patti

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