Proof of Fairies

Thread scissor
That’s a straight pin  next to the scissor so you can see just how small it is.

Anne, my bookkeeper, walked into my studio as I was trying to get a picture of the tiny yarn scissor I found just at the edge of my sewing machine this afternoon.  “Look Anne, I said excited to have someone to share it with, “a tiny scissor made of yarn.”  She got it.  Not that I could explain why we should find such delight in a tiny fiber scissor.  Maybe because it’s proof of fairies, who else would have made it.

10 thoughts on “Proof of Fairies

  1. Hi Maria and Jon too, I cannot wait to read “Second Chance Dog” and I am so happy that you both are enjoying such success..but overwhelming I know.I am planning on giving several copies for Christmas..Second chances..such an uplifting thought..Wanted to say continued success and I can’t wait for next open house.Louise from Massachusetts

  2. Maria, do you remember The Borrowers books by Mary Norton? They featured a family of miniature people who lived under the kitchen floor. They would roam the house collecting things to bring under the floor for their living needs, like thimbles for sinks, matchbooks for beds, and the like. Wonderful books. I think you have a Borrowers family under the studio floor…..

    Providence, RI

  3. Maria this is delightful! I’m so glad you had Anne come and share it with you ~ such a simple thing to find joy in. We should all strive to see the whimsy in life. It was lovely to see you last night. You just glowed the entire evening and it was beautiful to see.

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