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Dreaming in Fairytales
Dreaming in Fairy Tales

Even with all that’s going on with Jon’s book coming out, I did get to almost finish my wall hanging Dreaming in Fairy Tales.  I just need to give it a few more stitches to hold it all together.

Before we left for New Jersey, I was trying to figure out the border.  I liked the purple and gold on the outside, but I couldn’t quite get the right fabric for the inner strip.  While in Jersey, we had dinner with Joone (who was responsible for getting Jon to the TED Talk) and her daughter Megan.  Joone is one of those creative people who has quilted and knitted and is now thinking about getting into spoken word poetry.   But even though she hasn’t quilted in years,  like most quilters she had a stash of fabric she couldn’t seem to part with.  Until this weekend, when she presented me with a shopping bag  full of really colorful fabric, lots of it with some sort of insect on it.  And in that bag, was just what I needed to finish off my wall hanging.  Those orange leaves on the purple/blue background was perfect, from color to subject matter.

So in between driving Jon to Albany this morning for his interview at WAMC and the Book launch tonight at Battenkill Books, I’ll be in my studio finishing up Dreaming in Fairy Tales.  It’s already sold, but I’m hoping to hang on to it till the end of the week.  I want it hanging on the wall of my studio when I’m interviewed for  ‘Today’s Woman”on Friday morning.  Whew what a week!

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  1. this came together beautifully! the universe sends us what we need when we need it. you were in the right place at the right time. we have to be open and receive and you sure know how! fantastic!

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