Frieda at Her Book Talk

Frieda at Battenkill Books last night
Frieda at Battenkill Books last night

She was good.  Frieda sat between me and Jon at the first reading last night at Battenkill Books and she was good. She also got two bouquets of flowers (thank you for sending them).  I don’t know how she felt about that, but I was impressed.  After Jon’s talk, I took Frieda back out to the car.  I think she had enough by then.  Jon and I signed a bunch more books and tonight Jon will do a reading at Northshire Books in Saratoga.  This time Frieda will stay home.

7 thoughts on “Frieda at Her Book Talk

  1. I believed in my heart of hearts that Frieda would rise to the occasion. What a huge victory for her. How awesome it was for you to give her this opportunity to shine.

  2. How good she looks in this picture, Maria! Congratulations to Ms. Frieda! Well done! My Sammy was a therapy dog (retired) and even though he was always well-behaved, I think it was still very hard and stressful. Does she like treats or bones? She deserves a bouquet of them!

  3. That’s awesome. I had a dog like Frieda once, but never had a Jon to help me work with her. Even so, she came around over time and mellowed as the years went by. I got her from a medical lab when she was two and she lived to be eighteen, so we had a long time to work things out. In the early years of our time together, she rarely showed herself to strangers and would snap if they came near. But towards the end of our stretch together she would come out when friends were over and sit in the middle of the floor. It was so nice to see that happen, though I can’t take much credit for it.

    But mostly I’m writing to let you know that I ordered the Audible audiobook of the new book yesterday and I am about a third of the way through. I really like it. It’s a little like getting one of your story pot holders, where there’s a web of connections with the characters (on the potholder, in the book) already established from reading your blog (and Jon’s). I do not, however, much like the way the Audible reader voices your lines. I have come to know your voice from the blog and imagine you as way more powerful a presence. He seriously mouses you up; you should encourage them to retape the next edition with Susan Sarandon or Angela Jolie or Hillary Clinton or some other seriously strong woman reading your lines. Oh well. I think I have a good picture of you from the great things you’ve made for me in my kitchen (potholders) and from your blog.

    Anyway, congratulations to all three of you: you, Jon, and Frieda. And thanks. I am enjoying the book, and my potholders.

    1. Ha Trish, I’ll have to listen to it. It usually sounds weird when a man tries to sound like a girl. I love the cast of voices you think would suit me. I’m am honored!

  4. Frieda looks beautiful, as always, in these pictures of her!!! Such an amazing accomplishment that this wild child girl-dog could grow up into such a lady with your and Jon’s care!! Annie

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