Minnie and Her Hen Friends

minnie and her hen friends

Minnie gets around more and more every day.  This morning she was outside my studio sunning herself with the chickens.  Life is strange, last winter, when it was really cold at night, I was adamant about not letting the cats in the house.  Finally Jon and I compromised (he thought they should come in) and we brought them into the basement.

Now, right after 3pm feeding I scoop Minnie up and bring her into the house.  I look forward to snuggling with her on the couch at night.  Off and on in my life, I’ve been allergic to cats.  Several time my whole face swelled up after petting a cat.  But for some reason, Minnie can lay on my shoulder and I can pet her while I read and I haven’t had any allergic reactions. I can’t explain it, but I guess it doesn’t matter because it’s working for both of us.

10 thoughts on “Minnie and Her Hen Friends

  1. I love the photo. I know you can outgrow allergies, just like you can grow into them, but I like the fantasy version. If Minnie is really a chicken then you wouldn’t be allergic to her! 🙂

  2. Happy, happy post about dear Minnie, and I do love the chicken and cat society that seems to have formed.
    What a wonderful time in your lives right now. Very happy for you all.

  3. So happy to see Minnie doing so well, and getting stronger and more agile day by day. It’s also interesting to see how relatively seamlessly Minnie seems to be able to go from being a barn cat to a house cat, and back again. And perhaps she is neither a barn cat nor a house cat now, simply Minnie, a cat who transcends both of these realms, comfortable and at ease in both, and the richer for the experience. I hate that Minnie was injured so terribly, and has had to endure so much pain and the loss of her leg, but perhaps she has gained something also? That being a deeper connection to the humans in her world, something it seems, from what Jon has often written, that she seems to desire very much. Whatever the case, she is, despite her injury and the loss of her limb, a very lucky kitty to have such loving and devoted caretakers in you and Jon. Thank you for sharing her progress with us.

    (On another note, as much as I consider myself more of a dog person than a cat person, there is little in life that is more soothing than the purr of a cat, especially when accompanied by their warm weight in one’s lap on a cold night. Add a mug of herbal tea and some fuzzy socks, and it’s nigh to bliss, and I’m so thankful that you are able to experience this without having an allergic reaction!)

  4. This picture and your post are precious, precious, precious!
    Thanks so much for again, making my day.
    from Fran

  5. Beautiful post, Brooke! Maybe it took a loss of limb for Minnie to earn the joy. Many a human too needs a loss for them, & others, to become what the were meant to be. And I think Minnie was found abandoned after having kittens? Just maybe at one time she knew the warmth & love of humans & something happened that she ended up on the street. Never-the-less, Jon & Maria saved her <3! Maria & Minnie have a bond, one can tell. Too often we don't know how or why this special bond, but to trust it is true, dear & precious. One can just "feel" it. I had this with kitty who has passed. I knew. And yes, she knew. And she was a talker, like Minnie:)

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