Evolution of the Everyday Goddess

Tree goddess

My Everyday Goddess keeps  changing and evolving.  This weekend, at the TED Talk I did some drawings and I realized that they were really the templates for the new look of my  Everyday Goddesses.  If I had to say what the difference was (besides this  one not having a face and having tree legs) is that they’re a bit older, maybe more mature.  I’m hoping for more direct and more mysterious, if they can be both at once.   So here they are, introducing  the new Everyday Goddesses.

(I’ll be selling them with a few of the older, or should I say younger, Everyday Goddesses on Plaid Friday)

Heart Goddess

This one's Called "Here I Am"
This one’s Called “Here I Am”

4 thoughts on “Evolution of the Everyday Goddess

  1. It’s so interesting. This last one with the wild hair and brown print dress, “Here I am!” reminds me so much of Kim Gifford. 🙂

  2. Your Everyday Goddesses speak to my inner goddess. I’m that first one pictured here, although I wouldn’t mind being more like that third one (Here I Am). I would love to see a YouTube video of how you create these fabulous works of art. May we always continue to evolve just as your Everyday Goddesses are evolving.

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