Joan and Tess’ Wool

Joan with the fingerless gloves she made from Tess' wool
Joan with the fingerless gloves she made from Tess’ wool

Jon’s talk at Northshire Bookstore in Saratoga last night was a great one, but one of the  highlights of my evening was when Joan (who was having a book signed) pulled out the fingerless gloves she made with Tess’ wool.  They were beautiful.  Joan did a wonderful job of knitting them, a different design on the back and fronts and the wool was a soft gray.  The wool looks very different when it’s in a skein than when it’s knitted.  And of course, it was extra special that the wool was Tess’.   I was so happy to see those gloves and to know that making them brought Joan such pleasure.  She said they were really warm too.  So Tess may be gone in one way, but live on in other ways.

11 thoughts on “Joan and Tess’ Wool

  1. Oh Maria, How you must have felt when you saw these. This blog warmed my heart. Thanks so much for sharing this. 🙂

  2. Ooohh I’m envious! I’m making mittens, but they are just plain ones as I’m not a good enough knitter to get too fancy. These are just gorgeous!!

  3. A gorgeous earthy color. I adore brown – and the texture of that pattern is wonderful. I knit very simply and a scarf is about all I can manage (and a very simple hat). Truly, a relaxing, centering activity is knitting.

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