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Diane wearing one of my Vintage Hankie Scarves at Battenkill Book  Tuesday night
Diane wearing one of my Vintage Hankie Scarves at Battenkill Book Tuesday night

Diane was at Jon’s reading at Batttenkill Books, she and her husband Brian have been to plenty of Jon’s readings.  We got so used to seeing them, (and often Diane’s Mom too) that when Diane joined Jon’s Writers Workshop, it felt like we were old friends.  Now I subscribe to Diane’s blog Merganser Crossing.  There’s always something insightful in the ordinary, to read about.  And her drawings (which she just started doing a couple of years ago, encouraged by the writing class) are direct and charming.

And isn’t it interesting how these things happen, how Diane has found the creative person inside of her and when taking a Silversmith class got friendly with Elaine Houston who has a local News series on Women called Today’s Woman.   And Diane was good enough to mention me to Elaine thinking I might be right for her series.

And so tomorrow at 11am Elaine Houston and a Camera person will be in my studio interviewing me about my work and my business.  And at some point it will be on TV (I’ll be sure to post a link to it) and ya know, it feels really good.  So thanks Diane, who has been so supportive in so many ways.

I dropped off a pair of His and His Potholders to Diane at the reading, for her friends who were recently married. When she handed me the check, I told her to keep it,  they were a gift from me to her.  It was the least I could do.

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  1. I love this intricate connection of creative friends!! One friend leading to another friend, another opportunity. And I LOVE THIS BEAUTIFUL SCARF AND THE WAY DIANE HAS IT DRAPED INSIDE IN HER JACKET!!

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