Fulfilling Life’s Passions

open heart

While I was waiting for Elaine Houston to come and interview me, for her show Today’s Women, I did what made me the most comfortable, the thing that put me at ease and kept me centered.  I made potholders.  An Open Heart and A Strong Center is the first one I made. It’s what I wanted to feel while I was talking about my work.  It’s what I wanted anyone who will see the interview to see in me.

Surprisingly, I wasn’t very nervous and once I started talking I could have gone on all day.  I’m sure one of the reasons I was so comfortable, was because Elaine and the camera man were very nice and were genuinely interested in what I was saying and doing.

Elaine Houston has traveled the world making documentaries about women.  She said so many of the news stories around women are about their hardships and she wanted to show the other side of the story.  The positive and affirming and encouraging things that women are doing locally.  So she’s fulfilling her passion by telling the stories of women who are living their passions.   Oh, how grateful, how honored I am to be one of those stories.

My interview on Today’s Women will air in a couple of weeks, and I’ll be sure to let you know when and link to it so you can see it here.


15 thoughts on “Fulfilling Life’s Passions

  1. Congrats, Maria! I live in Saratoga Springs and I watch Newschannel 13 so I have seen this segment, a popular one. How wonderful for you, and for us to be able to hear about your work!

  2. Oh Maria, I have been so touched and inspired by your blog and Jon’s too this week.I love that sentiment.It is what I aspire to and am some days.I am moving in a couple of weeks and it feels like my center is more than a bit shaky so the pot holder would be such a nice reminder! So if it is available for sale I would love to buy it.Funny how sometimes you get what you need..just reading this post lifted my spirit and increased my ability to keep things in perspective.Thanks, let me know and the very very best of wishes to you…Louise from Massachusetts

  3. Maria, I’m so excited and happy for you about this important and special interview. Celebrating and focusing on the good in the world, especially emphasizing women and their accomplishments, is of extreme importance. Good for you!!

  4. Dearest Maria,
    Congratulations on being chosen for an this interview! Every acolade you receive is richly deserved and the best ones seem to come from Jon. You are richly talented, kind and compassionate.
    Best wishes for continued great success!
    With love from Fran

  5. Dear Maria, I just got “Second Chance Dog” and stayed up all night reading it!! I read as fast as I could the first time, went right back and began again, this time savoring each word! WHAT A BEAUTIFUL BOOK!! And this potholder sums up what you and Jon have become together. I am so looking forward to the link to your interview! Annie

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