Jackie and her Gratitude Scarf


Jackie calls it her Gratitude Scarf.  Her sister convinced her to buy it for herself and it makes me so happy to hear how much she likes it.  (I find it impossible not to smile when I look at Jackie’s smile)

Jackie and I have become close enough to call each other Cuz (short for cousin) ever since I made two quilts for her from her husband’s, mother’s and grandmother’s clothes.  She came all the way from Minnesota this summer to our Open House.   Like any good cousin would do, she went to work chopping carrots for the donkeys and selling raffle tickets to benefit Hubbard Hall.

Yesterday was Jackie’s birthday, and she sent a box of cookies from the Round House Cafe to Connie at Battenkill Books, because it was Connie’s birthday too.  Minnesota and Cousin Jackie felt really close to me yesterday when I bit into that ginger cookie at the bookstore.  It’s like there’s a big circle, like a charm bracelet, with all us people connected together, and the more people there are, the closer we all get to each other.

2 thoughts on “Jackie and her Gratitude Scarf

  1. Oh Maria, how wonderful! I didn’t realize it was one of your scarves Jackie had bought herself for her birthday. She wrote a beautiful blog post about buying it and I told her to enjoy wearing it. What a touching picture of her wearing it ~ I’m so glad you shared this!

  2. This is such a sweet picture! Jackie looks wonderful in her VERY BEAUTIFUL scarf! Your work never cease to amaze me, Maria! Annie

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