Buy Second Chance Dog and Win a Frieda Potholder

Frieda really did chase Minnie up a tree at the Old Bedlam Farm
Frieda  Treeing Minnie

Jon and I thought we’d do a bit of a collaboration.  His goal is to  sell 1000 copies of his new book  The Second Chance Dog, A Love Story, by Plaid Friday (You know Plaid Friday is the small and independent business’ answer to Black Friday).  So I made a couple of Frieda Potholders to give away when you buy Jon’s book.

I remember when Frieda chased Minnie up the tree behind the house at the old Bedlam Farm.  It seemed such a cliché, and at the same time the essence of Frieda.  Jon got a picture of it which he used in his children’s book The Dogs of Bedlam Farm.  So when I thought of making a potholder of Frieda, this is what came to mind.

Now there are two of these potholders, so two people have a chance to win them.  All you have to do is buy a copy of Second Chance Dog from Battenkill Books   by Plaid Friday (which is only 9 days away)  and you’ll have a chance to win a Frieda Treeing Minnie Potholder.  And since I’m signing Jon’s book with him, he’ll sign the back of my potholders.  (my initials are stitched on the front).

So give Connie at the bookstore a call at (518) 677-2515 or order online here.  I can’t tell you how many emails I’ve gotten from people telling me how nice Marilyn and Kate and Connie are at Battenkill Books. And it’s true, they are, I should know I’ve been spending a lot of time there signing books (about 700 so far so we’re not too far from Jon’s goal of 1000).

Jon and I will also be in the Bookstore this Saturday for Cash Mob Main Street signing books.  And I’ll be making 10 more Frieda Treeing Minnie Potholders.  So if you’re interested in one just emai me here, they are $25 each including shipping.




2 thoughts on “Buy Second Chance Dog and Win a Frieda Potholder

  1. Dear Maria, This potholder is wonderful!! I think you also ought to give away a coupon for tissues!! 🙂 While reading Second Chance Dog, A LOVE STORY!!! (Best one I’ve ever read!) I laughed till I cried, then I cried till I sobbed. My nose and eyes were running rivers and I went thru an entire box of tissues, ended up using some paper towels because they’re heavier! This book is a treasure. I LOVE THE LITTLE GREEN FLOWER YOU PUT IN MY BOOK!!! And I love how you sign the M and the W almost as one letter. Annie

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