My First On-Line Plaid Friday Exhibit

plaid friday potholders

In this stack of potholders is 75 of the 90 potholders I’ll be selling one week from today on Plaid Friday.  That’s right, not 100 potholders, like I said I was going to make,  but 90.  Why?  Because as I told Mandy and Athena today at our Friday Business Lunch at the Round House, I’m breaking my own rule, because 90 is enough and I don’t feel like making 10 more and because I can.  So 90 it is.  I just have to sew up the last 15 Elephant potholders and I’ll be ready to go.

Jon and I  are going away for Thanksgiving, leaving on Wednesday and coming home Friday Morning in time for me to post my potholders at 10AM.  This means Monday and Tuesday I’ll be figuring out how to put up pictures of 90 potholders all  for sale at one time on my blog.  I think I’ll divide them into categories, you know, cats, hens, goddesses, flowered patchwork, Tree patchwork, Manly patchwork, elephants,  affirmations etc.  Maybe each will have its own blog post.  I’m  still figuring out how to organize it all.

Mostly it’s exciting.  I see it  as my first on-line exhibit.  If it works I may do it more often, maybe even with other artists.  I’m planning on getting home on Friday morning and sitting at my computer like a gallery owner opening her door and inviting the everyone in.  I’m not sure what to expect, it will either work or it won’t.  But I’m feeling pretty confident about it and I think it’s going to be fun.  And I know that any mistakes I make this time, I’ll be able to fix next time.

So please join me on Plaid Friday, next Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, for my first online exhibit.   My door opens at 10Am.  My only regret is that we can’t chat over tea and cookies.

8 thoughts on “My First On-Line Plaid Friday Exhibit

  1. Awesome!! What a production…I am doing similarly, except my sale will be on Dec 2nd when I am the Common Thread Give-Away Artist of December…with fleece socks, pincushions and penny rug pins!! Good luck on your sale Plaid Friday and Happy Thanksgiving! love, jane

    1. I can’t wait to see what you have I’ll be there Jane. Not for the giveaway of course, (I’m not allowed to enter it unfortunately) but for your Dec 2nd Show. Those socks sound cozy, especially today!

  2. I’d like to put in a special request for a special pair of potholders… a “coming and going” of the “Show-Your-Art Guru… ha ha That part of the book just made my day. (smiles) ha ha (I really don’t expect you to, just kidding – but wouldn’t those be a fun present for Mr. Katz?

    1. Well Margaret, you’re the second to say it. I think it will make a good present….. And you brought me right back, I haven’t thought of the Show your Art Guru for a long time.

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