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Jon, Jeff, Candy (wearing one of my Vintage Hankie Scarves) and Red at Battenkill Books on Saturday.
Jon, Jeff, Candy (wearing one of my Vintage Hankie Scarves) and Red at Battenkill Books on Saturday, where Jon and I signed copies of Jon’s book “The Second Chance Dog”.

When I first read the words Show Your-Art-Guru on the comments of my blog, it took me a couple of seconds to place the phrase.  It sounded familiar, but…as I read on I wondered how I could have forgotten.  If Jon hadn’t written about it in  The Second Chance Dog,  would it have been lost to me forever?

My second thought was that I could hardly remember the time when I was afraid to let other people see my art.  And yet, it was only 4 or 5 years ago and for my whole life before that. Usually I read Jon’s books as he’s writing them, when he first gets the manuscript back and  then, when the book comes out.  But I didn’t read Second Chance Dog when we got the first copy in the mail from Random House a few weeks ago, and I won’t read it again, not in the near future.  It’s just too hard for me, it takes me back to a place I would rather not revisit just yet.

But the Show Your-Art-Guru, that’s something I don’t mind remembering, that’s something that still makes me smile, even laugh out loud when I think about it.  I’m not going to give it all away, but it was Jon’s way of encouraging me not to be afraid to show and try to sell my art on my website, something that terrified me at the time.

Go back about 5 years, it’s the middle of winter at the Old Bedlam Farm. Dark, cold, snowing, always snowing, all winter long.  I’m up at 5Am to go to my job at a home for developmentally disabled adults and Jon’s up with me, every morning, making me breakfast in his bathrobe, slippers and Wizard Hat. (Yes, a Wizard hat from Disney World that lights up)   And when Jon’s wearing this outfit, he’s no longer Jon, but the Show-Your-Art-Guru.  He sings and dances and prances around so I stop taking myself so seriously and see that he believes in me and so, start believing in myself.

It was a sweet time, not one I want to go back to, but a pocket of sunshine in the dark morning of my coming out as an artist.  And the further away I get from it, the crazier and more loving it seems to me.  And it’s good to remember how far I’ve come.  How now I can’t imagine not showing and selling my art.  How I wouldn’t be the person I truly am if I wasn’t doing my work and putting it out into the world.

It’s a good thing to remember, but not a place to dwell.  After all, I forgot about the Show Your-Art-Guru, because I don’t need him anymore.  But I’m glad Jon wrote about him,  you never know, he may be inspiring someone right at this moment.


18 thoughts on “The Show Your-Art- Guru

  1. Love this!!! I am honored to know you through your art. I believe my little works is a better, warmer place through your sharing:) peace.

  2. I think you are the guru now,(as I wrote to you before),inspiring each of us to trust our creative spirit and to reach a little further. You give me such pleasure !

  3. Believe me, Maria, I have now finished reading “Second Chance dog” (and I thank you both very much for signing it) and I found it incredibly difficult to even read–because it is so revealing. It took me back frequently to the places I don’t visit much–widowhood and two horrible and difficult years, alone with my two children, before I met my beautiful second husband. We’re married now since 1976.

    It is a superb book. I bought it to help contribute to Minnie’s expenses and thought I probably might not read it–I’m not an animal books kind of person, but Wow! I started to idly look through it and there was the next two days shot to pieces. One or two critics have whined because it is not about Frieda only–where are their heads at? This is a love story and a great one. I’m pretty sure that at the back of Jon’s mind he is a second chance dog also but I won’t ask.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and thank you again.

  4. Love the story and the image of Jon in a wizard’s hat encouraging you to “show your art”. I know there are many, many fans of yours who are so glad you decided to share your talent with the rest of us.

  5. Once again you show yourself not just as an artist, but a writer too.
    Your image of the “Show Your Art Guru” as a “pocket of sunshine” is as visual as your potholders, wall hangings, and quilts. Your art is multi-faceted, your creativity unlimited, and your heart as big as the whole outdoors. The picture you paint of the “guru” dancing around in his robe, slippers and Disney light up Wizard hat is warm and entrancing. You and Jon have shown that taking risks, doing the things you believe, and not being afraid have unlimited gifts; they are the gifts of fulfillment, and most of all, love. You are both an inspiration, and I am grateful for all that you share with each other and us.
    Have a happy day!!!!

  6. If only everyone had a Show Your Art Guru what a better place this world would be! I am glad you had yours … your work is beautiful and unique … every stitch deeply felt and telling a story that is as real as any book your own personal SYAG (Show Your Art Guru)has written. Also, although I have not bought any of your work (YET!) … I love to see each piece, and then the photos of it being proudly worn by or lovingly displayed in the home of the person who bought it.

    I can’t wait to receive my copy of Second Chance Dog (ordered from Connie at Battenkill) – she said I might receive it by Wednesday of this week, which would be amazing, as I hope to have some time over the long weekend to relax and read.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you (and of course to Jon, Red, Simon, Lulu, Fanny, Flo, Minnie, Zelda, and the rest of the sheep. Eek, hope I didn’t forget anyone!

  7. Hey Maria, I’m in the book now and love Jon’s devotion and especially his silly side. But he is so darn smart, isn’t he?
    I’m into the book and had a nightmare a few nights ago.It was our little house on fire. I’ve cried all through Frieda’s plight Yea,yea, I know she’s happy now. But I still cried. I love the book but couldn’t re-read it.

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