Hanging My Plaid Friday Exhibit

The plaid backs of my Plaid Friday Potholders
The plaid backs of my Plaid Friday Potholders

I know it’s not unusual for  a lot of people, but it is for me.  I spent my whole day on the computer setting up my “Galleries” for my first Plaid Friday Exhibit.  The good part about it is that it was really really cold today and I got to sit in front of the wood stove and do my work.  The bad part was that I spent the whole day at my computer.  But I think I got it all done.  And I actually found it a very creative and even fun process.

Now imagine you’re walking through the doors to my Exhibit.  One big building with 5 separate Galleries in it.   In the foyer is a very friendly person, (that’s me), standing next to a table with tea and cupcakes telling you about the 5 Potholder Galleries.   Explaining  what’s in each and  how to purchase the potholders.  I tell you about shipping and how and where to send the money.    Well, this is  just what happens on my blog post called Plaid Friday Potholders for Sale.   And from there, you can visit each of the 5 Galleries by clicking on the name of the gallery.  So if you want to got to the Minnie and Flo Potholder Gallery, you just click on the words the Minnie and Flo Potholder Gallery which is above a photo of a Minnie and Flo having tea potholder.

Then, once you’re in one of the galleries, you can easily get to any of the other four galleries, by clicking on it’s name.  So say, you’re in the Patchwork Potholders Gallery (this has 5 different types of Patchwork potholders including Manly Potholders and the Elephant Potholders) and you want to visit the Hens Potholder Gallery, you just click on it and you’re there.

There’s also the Everyday Goddess Potholder Gallery and the Affirmation Potholder Gallery.

But it will all be clear (I hope) on Friday, this Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, November 29th, Plaid Friday.  Come back then.  I’ll be opening my doors at 10AM but the Gallery will be stay open through Christmas or until everything is sold, which ever comes first.



7 thoughts on “Hanging My Plaid Friday Exhibit

  1. Happy Thanksgiving Maria and the same to Jon. I so enjoy reading your blogs, and can’t wait to see the faces of the recipients of your potholders when they open their gifts on Christmas. Thanks for sharing the idea of “Plaid Friday”. I passed it to as many people as I could. I’m keeping my promise to myself this year of “No mall this Christmas”. There are so many dedicated, talented small businesses and artists……..if we just take the time to look.

    (The book is wonderful.)

    Kathy P.

  2. Thank you, Maria for setting up your own internet gallery – and for spending all day in front of the screen….I look forward to my stroll through the potholder labyrinth – enjoy your upcoming days of rest – very best wishes for a busy Plaid Friday 🙂

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