Plaid Friday Potholders Sold Out: The Patchwork Potholder Gallery

Sunshine Potholders
Sunshine Potholders SOLD OUT

Welcome to my Patchwork Potholder Gallery!

I have 6 different types of Patchwork Potholders for sale.  Sunshine, Tree, Big Flowers,  Fall Flowers, Manly (for men) and Elephant Potholders.

They are $15 each plus shipping (click here to see shipping costs).

If you see something you like, you can email me here or at [email protected]. Just let me know which type you want and how many, and how you would like to pay for them.  I take checks or can email you a PayPal invoice. (click here for my address)

And when you get done looking here, there are 4 more Potholder Galleries to visit.  To go to any one of them, just click on the Gallery of your choice:  Minnie and Flo Potholder Gallery, Hens Potholder Gallery, Everyday Goddess Potholder Gallery, and Affirmation Potholder Gallery.

Thanks and have fun!

Tree Potholders
Tree Potholders SOLD OUT
Big Flowers
Big Flowers  ( Sold out)
Fall Flowers
Fall Flowers  Sold Out
Manly Potholders
Manly Potholders (Sold out)


Elephant Potholders
Elephant Potholders SOLD OUT






11 thoughts on “Plaid Friday Potholders Sold Out: The Patchwork Potholder Gallery

  1. Ok, some more hopefully! In the Tree Patchworks, the two that are on opposite corners, furthest out diagonally. Ideally both but either one if they’re still in the game. Thanks! Deb

  2. Maria Is the top left potholder in sunshine with the two white flowers and strawberry still for sale I sent you an email earlier I love your work!!

    1. I’m not forcing you to buy something on my site Susan. You don’t even have to come on if you don’t want to, it’s your choice. But this is how I make a living, by making things that people want to buy.

  3. You have been very industrious to be sure. Our sale was very slow today so perhaps there are too many Susans out there, and for those of us who make our living this way, it is a tough way to go. I love you personal potholders and was waiting to see how our day went today before shopping…Keep up the good work Maria. Your stuff is really colorful and the fact that you recycle your materials means that you make functional and fun stuff rather than these materials going to waste!! Way to go!! love you, jane

  4. Susan, I will be giving away a pincushion this next week. You just have to sign up to potentially win…and it is free…you don’t have to buy anything! Maria and I are part of The Common Thread Give-Away Group and every month we have a free give away…perfect for those that don’t want to buy anything!! Just visit our sites the first Monday of every month and leave a comment on the designated artist-of-the-month’s site. It is a random drawing and everyone’s chances to win are equal…Good luck and do visit us at that time if you are interested. Sincerely, jane from Little House Home Arts and friend of Maria’s.

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