Manly Potholders for a Manly Man

Jon with the last two Plaid Friday Potholders
Jon with the last two Plaid Friday Potholders

I gave Jon the last two Plaid Friday Potholders.  It made sense,  they were both Manly Potholders and being he’s a manly man who loves to cook….and you know it’s like the shoemakers kids around here.  We could really use a few potholders.

So, is it cheating to say I sold out of my potholders in three days when I gave the last two to Jon?  Maybe, but what does it matter, a couple of potholders here and there.

What I really want to say is Thank You to everyone who bought my Plaid Friday Potholders, or wanted to buy them.  What a thrill it was to sit at my computer a half hour after posting my Potholder Galleries and see all those emails from people wanting potholders.  And it went on all day.  By Friday night I had sold 80 Potholders.

Yeah, I was thrilled, but it also scared the hell out of me.  Too much success? fear of success? I just know my mind kept trying to find something to make me feel bad about.  It was on the loose, scanning for things I did wrong. ( and I came up with a million of them, and not all having to do with potholders either)   When actually, for the most part, it all went pretty smoothly. Everyone seemed to navigate the Galleries easily (at least I didn’t hear otherwise) and there were few people who didn’t get their first or second choice of potholders.

My friend Athena said often with success comes a purge or flushing of fears.  I like that idea. The old fears rising up and being released.  A  fear cleansing.  Well, the fears were mostly gone by this morning and once I got into packaging up the potholders, they were all gone.

Anyway, now I have a bunch of orders to fill for Christmas and a quilt to finish and an idea for a wall hanging that’s been kicking around in my head for a week.  If don’t have time to be afraid.

13 thoughts on “Manly Potholders for a Manly Man

  1. We’ll di I know that state of the mind trying to find something I did wrong. It strikes me that this would be a good thing to commit to NOT doing for the New Year. Shall we form a collection of people to encourage each other to stop doing this as a New Year’s resolution. I suspect there are many people with this affliction.

  2. So exciting that you sold out, by the time I logged on, all the Everyday Goddess pot holders were gone. One of these days I would love one of your pillows, they always seem to sell out before I can get one. Maybe a disadvantage. Of being on PST? Happy Holidays!

  3. And why shouldn’t your “sell your art guru” get his own potholders? 🙂
    I’m so glad I was able to get a manly one for my son, and technically you sold more than you made since you have some orders to fill. So I think you can safely say you sold them all. Congratulations on that. You had faith that you could do it, and you did!

  4. So happy for your success with your first Plaid Friday!! And especially happy for you, that this success provided an opportunity to do some purging of old stuff. Out with the old, in with the new. Congratulations to you and thank you for sharing your journey of life.

  5. Congrats on selling out of all the potholders that you and Kim made. That’s terrific! And, you gave everyone an alternative to malls, endless sale ads for “stuff” that no one really needs. Best of all, we could all find something handmade and of good quality, not to mention unique. And we could do it without leaving home, friends and family. I’d say that’s the best of all worlds.

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