Skirting Wool

Jon skirting Ma's wool
Jon skirting Ma’s wool

The sheep were shorn in October, but we just got to skirting  the wool today.  (skirting means picking out  all the hay and leaves and brambles that get stuck in the wool.  This needs to be done before it goes to the mill).  Usually we do it outside, but it’s been too cold, so we brought it in and laid the fleeces out on the dining room table. We put on some music, had some tea and oh, it was so much better than freezing fingers.

We went down memory lane when we got to Tess’ wool.  Hers was the cleanest and the softest. From talking about Tess our conversation naturally moved onto discussing what we would need to do to get ready for the lambs in the spring.  Daryl, our farmer friend from Vermont will be bringing a ram to us in the next couple of weeks.  He’ll stay for about 8 weeks and the lambs will be born in April or May.  Makes me feel like Spring isn’t so far away.

4 thoughts on “Skirting Wool

  1. Beautiful post Maria…..I love how your conversation evolved from the necessary took you through some grief to the hope of Spring and lambs. It will be a fun time at Bedlam Farm!

  2. I would imagine that skirting wool is a peaceful and contemplative time. It’s kind of nice that you had it to do inside and found reason to be grateful for it. Time shared with someone you love is a gift. Shared memories are a gift as well, and Tess reminded you of that. Winter comes but so does spring, and Bedlam lambs will share the sweet spirit of your lovely farm. And in time they will spread their own version of that love out into the world.

  3. Roger and I will have to remember this the next time I con him – uh, encourage him – to help me skirt a fleece. The last time we did this, it was on one of the hottest days during the summer. Though we were outside, it was hot, sweaty work. And, oh, all that lanolin! But, once the fleece was washed eleventy million times in Dawn, it sure was beautiful! It’s very cool to be able to skirt, wash, comb, spin and then make something from fleece.

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