We All Make Mistakes

Practice and Mistakes
Practice and Mistake Frieda’s

I designed the 10 Frieda Treeing Minnie Potholders today that I sold last week.  I’ll give them to Kim tomorrow to assemble.  I really only have this week and next to make potholders and get them  out on time for Christmas.  I have about 20 more orders to fill.

Today I stitched the dogs one after another then went back and stitched the cat and tree.  I’ve never made potholders this way before, but I found I was enjoying the flow I was in when stitching the dogs and I didn’t want to break it.    I did make a few mistakes when I started out and stitched some practice dogs before starting.

I’m always showing the finished piece, so I thought I’d show some of my mistakes.  Sometimes I can take my seam ripper to a stray stitch or two, but sometimes, there’s no saving them.

10 Frieda's waiting for Minnies and trees.
10 Frieda’s waiting for Minnie and trees.


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