Kim the Karakul Sheep

Our new sheep Kim
Our new sheep Kim

Meet Kim (named after my friend Kim who helps me sew my potholders and scarves, and helped make my Plaid Friday a success) she’s our new sheep.  Not the best photo (Jon has a better one on his blog)  but she just wouldn’t stand still.  I can’t blame her all these new sheep and donkeys and a dog to get used to.  And then there’s Ted, the ram she came with.  He was all over the girls.  Sniffing them and scrunching up his nose and showing his teeth.  They weren’t too happy with him.  He didn’t get near Zelda or Ma, but he was mostly interested in Suzy.  Not that she wanted anything to do with him.

It will just take a while.  I remember  at the old Bedlam Farm when Daryl brought a ram.  The sheep were separated in two different pastures.  We were trying keeping some of the sheep separate from the ram.  But they would have no part it.  After a day or two they were at the gate trying to get to him.  We finally put them all together and things settled down.

I imagine the same will happen here.  Ted seems to be a gentle ram, not too pushy, but definitely excitable. In two months he’ll go back to Daryl’s Farm and we’ll hopefully have some pregnant sheep.

We believe Kim is already pregnant, but she’s not due for a few months.  She’s a Karakul.  Karakul lambs are what Persian Coats are made out of.  We won’t be doing any of that (the coats are made out of  three day old lamb pelts.) but I’m sure we’ll get some nice wool from Kim and eventually her lamb.  I can’t wait to see what it’s like.  Kim seems like a sweet thing.  Daryl’s daughter halter trained her so she’s very friendly.  I think she’s going to like it here at Bedlam Farm.  I know I’m going to like having her here.

That's Ted sniffing Suzy
That’s Ted sniffing Suzy


6 thoughts on “Kim the Karakul Sheep

  1. Kim is beautiful Maria. She has such a sweet and gentle face. I can’t wait to see what her wool is like! Was she bred with another Karakul? I bet her lamb will be adorable …. well, who couldn’t love a little lamb. I loved the look on your face in Jon’s photo yesterday when you looked in the truck. You were so delighted! Welcome to the farm lovely Kim. And Ted, enjoy your visit!

  2. Maria, if Jon gets the hives just thinking about an artist’s reception, I get hives just thinking of Facebook….don’t know why, but it’s not my bag. So, I wanted to respond to Jon’s question, if you’re okay with it here. Your new sheep, Kim, has a very sweet face. That’s all I wanted to say except sniffing butts goes on here all the time with my two Australian Shepherd females. You’d think living with each other, that sniffing butts once would be enough, but no, everytime they come back inside, it’s part of their routine. Annie sits on her butt the minute Meg gets near her. Good for her. Good luck to your new ram…poor fellow with all those women.
    SandyP in Ontario,Canada

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