Minnie Gets What She Wants

minnie out my window (1)

Around 3pm almost every day, Minnie shows up outside my studio window.   Sometimes, if the chickens are eating under the birdfeeder she’ll come and sit with them, then stare in my window until I go out to feed her. When she’s done she follows me back to the house and runs in the back door.

But she doesn’t want to stay in as much as she used to.  Now around 3 or 4am, if Jon or I go downstairs,  she yowls to go out.  We’ve even been seeing her more often in her old hunting ground in the pasture.   But she still sits with me on the couch at night, demanding to have her head scratched.  Seems like Minnie gets just what she wants these days.

4 thoughts on “Minnie Gets What She Wants

  1. Maybe Minnie gets what she wants because she’s brave enough and honest enough to speak up and ask for what she wants.

    Maybe we could all learn something from Minnie . . .

  2. Growing up, my cat, Casper, had the best of both worlds. Barn cat by day, bed buddy by night. He would snuggle under my covers with his head on the pillow all night. The kneading feet of a contented cat is the best therapy in the world. I’m a bit horrified now as I realize he killed mice, birds, sometimes baby rabbits that very day, and I had him in my bed hours after sometimes … ?!! – I even tell my mom I can’t believe she wasn’t bothered by that. As an adult (and mom) that just makes me cringe … but little did I think of those things when I was young.

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