The little things


I picked up my stickers from A&M Printers in Cambridge yesterday.   I can’t get over how cute they are.  Like something a doll would use.  I’ll be putting theses are packages along with the farm animal stickers I got at Battenkill Books.  What is it about stickers that are so much fun anyway?  I don’t know, oh it’s the little things.

14 thoughts on “The little things

  1. I love these! Did you design them? I know what you mean about the fun of stickers! I always loved them…rubber stamps were a favorite “toy” I received one year. I stamped the inside of all my books playing “library”! Then my sister had this set of colorforms–almost as fun as stickers!

  2. I don’t know either what it is about stickers — they make me happy and I hope that all the people I am writing to appreciate them as well. I send 3 or 4 letters a week to people who are fighting off disease or mental problems and I like to think that those stickers help.

    1. The stitching is my design Margaret, but the it’s basically my business card that Sara at Over the Moon Graphics designed. It’s a local graphic and bead shop.

  3. Stickers are wicked fun – my daughter and I still put them on card envelopes. In fact I saw some at Battenkill Books the other day that I want to get for her stocking!

  4. Maria, when I was teaching, one of the greatest rewards you could give was to put stickers on student papers. They loved them, and I always went out of my way to find the most interesting or creative ones. Strangely enough I always preferred to buy farm animals; cows and pigs were my favorites. They still are. I’ve been retired from teaching for ten years, but I still use stickers when I tutor. Children love, love, love them. Dog and cat stickers are popular too.

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