Ma’s Wool and Glyndalyn’s Convertible Mittens

Glyndalyn's mittensGlyndalyn just sent me this photo of the convertible mittens she made out of Ma’s wool.  She said she was pleased with the quality and texture of the wool and that they are very warm.

I’m just getting used to seeing the color of the wool and how it looks so different from sheep to fleece to wool to when it’s knitted into something.

I can’t imagine knitting such beautiful and complicated mittens like these.  It’s a talent I don’t have.

4 thoughts on “Ma’s Wool and Glyndalyn’s Convertible Mittens

  1. They are beautiful. And if you would like to learn to knit I can show you ~ simple things, but still it’s relaxing and fun. Of course I am so slow at it, you’d probably be faster than me!! 😉

  2. I can knit “uncomplicated” scarves but patterns and counting are not for me – I guess I just don’t have the patience. These really are gorgeous and a neat design.

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