A Day Away From The Studio

Jon taking pictures of horses
Jon charming the horses

After yesterday I probably needed the break.  I didn’t get into the studio today but spent the morning packing and shipping out my second batch of Plaid Friday Potholders.

Before that I dropped off another batch with Kim this morning. We had just enough time to catch up on things before she had to leave for her job at the Co-0p.  Kim is always working on something new.  Now she’s gearing up for Christmas and I admired the birch branch, taller than me, that stood in the corner of her dining room, decorated with lights and birds and butterflies.  The ornaments, a memory of her grandmothers and aunts.  That, I thought, is my kind of Christmas Tree.  I understand the symbolism of the evergreen and it’s life and abundance in this dark time of year, but something about those bare branches lit up touched me.  I think I can relate to it, I think it’s how I feel.

After yacking with Martha at the Post Office, (it seems Martha likes  stickers too, along with the man in line behind me who was sending birthday package to his granddaughter, they’re just fun she said)   Jon and I made our way through  the snow to Manchester where I had an appointment with the chiropractor and Jon signed books at Northshire Bookstore.   It seems my work at the sewing machine wears me out in different ways.  This time it was my elbows.  They were aching for months, but Roseanne worked her magic (I’m still not sure what she does or how) and between what she did and my massaging some cream into certain muscles in my arms and hands, the ache is gone.

On the way home Jon stopped to take some photos. I watched as he pointed his camera at the horses and they all left the hay feeder and came to check him out. Maybe they had heard that he’s generous with the horse treats or maybe they just like to pose for pictures. After stopping home to feed the animals  we were back at Battenkill Books to sign more copies of Second Chance Dog.

By the time we pulled in the driveway the waxing moon was lighting up the night sky even though it was only 4:30.  I locked up the chickens and once in the house put  logs in the wood stove and made some tea.  My shipping is done, my email is done and now my blogging is done.  I’m taking the rest of the night off.  Time to get my book and snuggle with Minnie before she starts complaining.


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  1. I love branches decorated with lights – trees in winter, arms outstretched. My daughter loves drawing trees – and come to think of it, one of the potholders I bought from you had a nice tree on it – I admired it! Ha. Yes, my fingers at times ache – riding and holding the reins, typing on my blog, painting a bit and sketching… I just don’t have time for aches and pains (as I’m sure you don’t either! 🙂

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