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I finally got in the Temple Body groove.  After finishing up my pillow this morning I got busy on my quilt.  A lot  of Kimberly’s clothes that I used in the quilt are knit fabrics.  That means they are stretchy, like a t-shirt, and it’s  hard to sew without them getting out of shape and pulling the fabrics around them out of shape. So I iron interfacing onto them to stabilize them or keep them from stretching.  For those of you who don’t know, interfacing is this white kind of papery fabric.  Sometimes you’ll see it used in a shirt collar and cuffs or along the seam where your shirt buttons. It’s  what makes the collar stand up . I’m not going for stiff in my quilts (I use a lightweight interfacing) just something to make stretchy fabrics, not stretch.

I had about a half yard of interfacing left so I used it in a way that allowed me to sew as many pieces of the quilt together as possible. I sew the quilt in sections then sew the sections together.

I got the middle section done. Then worked on the strip below it.

temple body b

You can see where this section slides into the bottom of the quilt.  At this point I had one small piece of interfacing left, but it was too small to use.  There’s a few pieces of fabric that I can sew together that don’t need interfacing, and that’s where I’ll pick it up tomorrow.  I should get the interfacing I ordered early next week.  I can’t wait  to see the quilt all together and hanging up.

6 thoughts on “All About Interfacing

  1. Maria,

    I wonder if you will run into this problem with the onesies also, some are t-shirt fabric?

    The fabrics and prints are beautiful and complimentary of each other and I think Temple Body is an appropriate name for this quilt. I’m excited to see the finished piece, is it sold?

    How do you continue to be inspired? I struggle with photos and second guess my work often, does this ever happen to you?


    1. It’s no problem Sandra. I got 10 yards of interfacing so I’ll have plenty for your quilt. And yes, Body Temple is made from Kimberly’s clothes and is her quilt.
      I don’t second guess my work too often. I’ve learned to trust my instincts and intuition. But it wasn’t always this way for me.

  2. This entry brought me back to my Jr.High Home Ec. sewing class! I learned all about interfacing. But each skirt and dress I made had the zippers in backwards…Also to my adult sewing classes I took like forty years ago! Success! Mother and daughter dresses that zipped correctly! Thanks for the memory Maria.

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