Land Me in Light

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It was Kenna who sent me all those batik fabrics that work so well with my Streaming Pillows.  I think it’s because they don’t compete with the stitching yet are full of texture.  Kenna designs quilt patterns and sells them on her website Madison Cottage Design.  They are really gorgeous and most of the patterns are named after food.  One of my favorites is Cranberry Chutney.

This pillow was one that I didn’t think about much, I just had the urge to start stitching.  It was a release of something inside of me as much as anything.  It’s sold.

3 thoughts on “Land Me in Light

  1. I was just going to ask about this one being sold. Maria, you are so intuitive that someone other than me must be experiencing life into death back into the light and this pillow expresses that so meaningfully. Annie

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