Zelda and Ted

ted and zeldaWhen I came home from town this morning, I was surprised to see Zelda and Ted hanging out together while all the other sheep were in the north pasture.

ted and zelda 2

It took me a moment to realize what was going on.  When they walked away together and went into the pole barn I got it.  Ted and Zelda have a thing going.  Guess this means well have little Zelda’s in the spring.


8 thoughts on “Zelda and Ted

  1. ted and zelda make me smile.

    and you, young lady, keep warm and bundled. it’s really a perfect time for a cold … fireplace, tea, jon and all the critters. nice. feel better soon.

  2. oh Maria, How lucky you are to be able to witness the forthcoming little lambs! They are SOOOO angelic, a newborn lamb. And to think that you can hold it! What a wonderful gift it is to have sheep, along with their gift of wool. Stay warm and cozy in the storm, and feel better.
    best always…..Donna

  3. I was chuckling to myself ~ doesn’t love bloom in the spring? Leave it to Zelda to fall in love in the winter. Of course, she’s taking the opportunity where she finds it I guess. I’m glad she’s going to offer you some lambs to love …. there will be stories for sure.

    Hope you get over your cold quickly ~ Candy

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