Flo The Flirt

Flo on Jon's chair
Flo on Jon’s chair

As you may already know, Flo made it into the house this weekend.  And not only into the house, but onto Jon’s chair (which he continually kicks Minnie off of).  Except, of course, when Jon is sitting in his chair, then Flo is on his lap.

I can see how Flo did it too, got into the house and onto Jon’s chair.  I watch her flirt with him when we’re moving wood.  She always comes down from her perch in the woodshed and sits on a pile of logs so she’s looking up at him, and the look she gives, well, if she wasn’t a cat, I’d be jealous.  It’s something like… Come on you big handsome man, you know you want to pick me up and snuggle a little.  And he always does. I don’t blame him, if she looked at me like that I’d do the same thing, but she doesn’t look at me like that.   She saves it for that big man that she has wrapped around her little paw.  I have to admit, I’m impressed and she deserves everything she gets.  It only took her a year to get into the house and she didn’t have to lose a leg to do it.

19 thoughts on “Flo The Flirt

  1. Well said…I laughed out loud great big smile on my face. Always thought he was pushing Minnie too fast..good grief one has to heal. try pushing on scar tissue it Hurts but you have a sweetheart man and animals.

  2. Just like our white Mama Cass with my husband. Cass arrived, feral, thin, starving and pregnant in our back yard 7 years ago. It took a while to catch her and her 4 kittens. Husband managed it. Now, spayed, portly and single-mindedly in love with him she follows him around like a dog, sitting always at his ankles–she has never willingly allowed us to pick her up nor will she sit on a lap. We kept one kitten– Pancho, who is more my cat and believes the whole world loves him. He is black and white and HUGE–all the expensive lactating cat food our vet supplied to us for Cass! They live with cat # 3 Polly, who came as a stray from the same vet. Oh this vet, Mikki, is clever–she keeps cats for adoption in her waiting room…

    My husband is a brave man: He had not grown up with pet animals as his father was asthmatic, but when he joined me 38 years ago he took on not only me but 2 teenagers, 2 dogs (one of them an old English mastiff, 3 cats and 2 parakeets and we have never been without family animals since.

  3. I’m not surprised that Flo wants to be in the house like Minnie. Cats love to be warm. Watch how they follow the sun, whether inside or out. My indoor/outdoor cat will stick her nose out the door and decide if it’s too cold to go out. She’s be in around the clock for the past week.They like to be out and prowling around but not if it’s this cold. You and Jon are learning a lot about cats.

  4. Too funny! Cats do have their ways…As Roger knows, the kitties all love him best. Me? Unless I have food in my hand, they give me the “stink eye.” Must be because Roger is with them all day and he lets them play on his desk. When I’m home, it’s only nights and weekends and then I have that danged knitting in my hands and, well, you know, cats are NOT supposed to get in the way of the knitting. Seriously, Roger cannot eat anything without sharing it with Sassy – she may be an old bag (18) but she knows how to make him feed her from his plate!

  5. You read right through me. I certainly did know a lot of things. Men were always so easy to manipulate. Actually they haven’t changed much. I bet you knew some things too Ms Maria! :)

  6. Many men say they do not like cats, but I know very few that, once they know a particular cat, do not succumb to their mysterious charms.

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