The Right Time

Sam's Leaf
Sam’s Leaf

I knew I needed to wear my turtle necklace this morning. The turtle is just a little charm I bought for a few bucks in the Village Store in town, and it’s been sitting on my windowsill waiting for me to hang it on a chain so I could wear it.   I’ve been meaning to do it for months, since I got it, but didn’t do it till this morning.  It was like this morning, I couldn’t do without it. That’s were turtle began, but I didn’t know where it was going.

I have a list of pieces that I’m in the process of making for people, pillows, scarves, quilts, and sometimes they weigh on me.  Like I should get them all done.  But, I’m finding out,  it doesn’t work that way for me.  Every night I think,  starting tomorrow I’ll whittle away at my list, systematically, one at a time, every day until they’re done.  But it not that easy, new orders come in for potholders that take less time, I get the urge to make something that won’t let me do anything else.  I’m usually working on a quilt along with everything else in between.  So at night I think, tomorrow I’ll get it all straightened out, but most of the time,  in the morning, all that rational thinking fades and I do what I feel like doing. (Unless I have a dead line, like having to get potholder designs to Kim for the week or it’ Christmas and I have to fill orders, then the rational side definitely takes of and thank the gods it does).

And sometimes I worry that I might not get to a piece at all.  But then there are times, like today, when I get to a piece that’s been waiting for me, and I know I was just waiting for the right time.

My friend Suzy and I made a trade.  She spun Socks’ wool and knit me and Jon hats using some of it and I made her a Hankie Scarf (the one with her duckie hankie in it) and would sew a border for a piece of fiber art her son, Sam made.  I made the scarf a couple of weeks ago.  And today I chose to make the border for Sam’s Leaf.

It all came together quickly and easily.  The green fabric seemed just right. I wanted something I could stitch on but nothing that would distract from Sam’s art.   Once I sewed the fabric on I saw the tree and the turtles.  Then the moon and the water.  But I wasn’t sure if Suzy wanted something with images or just designs.  So I texted her, not telling her what I had in mind.  She texted back, that I should do whatever felt right to me, but she just wanted to let me know that Sam loved turtles.

Remember this, I thought to myself, there’s a lesson here.  It’s panic that makes me want to “get through” my list of orders. It patience and trust and believing that there is a “right” time for everything that makes good and honest art.

8 thoughts on “The Right Time

  1. I ran a marathon a number of years age. My spirit animal was the turtle because I knew it didn’t matter how fast I ran. That wasn’t my goal. My goal was just to finish.

  2. Maria-
    No matter that I’ve been reading your blog since the beginning. I’m constantly amazed at your creativity. I love this piece. How serendipitous that Sam likes turtles. As I waited (not always patiently) for my hankie scarf I knew enough not to bug you. An artist needs inspiration to do her best work; forcing art just doesn’t work. Thanks for sharing your many creations. I always enjoy seeing what has resulted from your fertile mind.
    Wishing you and Jon a most joyous holiday filled with light and love.

  3. I have told you before, I believe, your trees are my favorite! The stitched lines, the branches. Now, I must add your turtles. I admired them above in the piece you did today (Dec. 19) and now here again. Yes, wait for inspiration, as it seems to really work for you!

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