Warm House of Light


Short cold days.  By 3:30 the light fades and I’m thinking of dinner and bed.  Constant cups of hot tea, warm food and sleep, lots of sleep.  And light, lights, all the lamps in the house turned on.  Colorful Christmas lights in the windows and on the porch, not just for us, but for everyone who drives by. Warm house of light.

7 thoughts on “Warm House of Light

  1. I love your old fashioned colored lights on the porch. Warm and inviting. I have white lights on the bushes out front, but no colored ones.

  2. I love the lights too this time of year. I love turning off all the lights and just lighting my tree and one other decoration with lights. It takes me back to my childhood.

  3. I love this picture!! The sunset in the background just emphasizes the lights on your porch. WOW! DO YOU EVER HAVE A LOT OF SNOW!! We really are the Florida of upstate NY, here in the Fingerlakes. What snow we had is all melted, replaced by rain. Annie

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