Keeping Warm

lenorein the snow

I put on long johns and  another pair of wool socks, I was already wearing my hat and scarf, but I just couldn’t get warm.  So at 2:30 after I made the 4 potholders I needed to make, I decided the only way to warm up was to go snow shoeing with Lenore.   Besides jumping in a hot tub, or snuggling with my honey,  (neither was an option unfortunately since Jon was out for the afternoon and we don’t have a hot tub) the one thing I know that always warms me up is moving around.   So I fed the animals and shoveled the walkways and put on my snow shoes.

It felt good to be out in the woods again.  The last time I walked in the woods, it was all autumn colors.  That was before hunting season began.  It seems there still some kind of hunting going on, (not rifles, muskets or front loaders, or something) and I did hear a single gunshot, but I only saw one other snowshoe trail than mine.

Today the woods were white and gray, black and brown.  The snow never stopped falling and my feet never warmed up.  But somehow it didn’t matter, the rest of me was warm and I was too busy getting used to walking around with those big feet to care.  Lenore must have had twice as much fun as I did, because although she stayed close by, she covered twice as much ground.

Now that I’m back inside, my feet are warm for the first time all day.  I guess it worked, now I have another good excuse to go walking in the woods.

9 thoughts on “Keeping Warm

    1. Snowshoeing is really not hard Kim. Especially now Kim with the smaller snowshoes. And if you do fall, you fall in the snow, so you don’t get hurt!

  1. This post was so meaningful to me. What you figured out and that you actually did it is huge. This is you being a power of example to me. Thank-you Maria. 🙂

  2. Smiles. My husband says his mother made them (four boys) go outside everyday no matter what. They lived in Chicago -( a cold blustery place in the winter) and their were days they would be bundled up for 30 minutes just standing along the back side of the house, freezing “blowing some stink off” as their mom still likes to say 🙂

    MY MOM always said “If you are cold, go outside for a bit”. And when my kids want to turn the heat up, guess what I say … 🙂

    Lenore looks completely happy and healthy – glad you have snowshoes – they are fun!

  3. In the Fingerlakes, we are never as cold as you are there I the foothills of the Adirondacks!! So I am outside everyday unless it is absolutely pouring rain. Lenore sure looks like she had fun! Dogs love light fluffy snow. Annie

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