Winter Birds Out My Studio Window

The birds out my studio window
The birds out my studio window

The sun came out for a moment this morning but it was 10 below when we got up.  Now it’s snowing and my studio is taking a long time warming up. The chickens won’t come out of the coop, but the birds are feasting at the feeder.  They’ve been hanging out in the lilac bush outside my studio window and going  back and forth to the feeder all morning.  I can identify the sparrows, and titmouse, and cardinal and bluejay, but the rest look so much the same, I can’t tell them apart.   It’s wonderful to have all that activity right in front of me while I work.


12 thoughts on “Winter Birds Out My Studio Window

  1. Love to see the birds out when it’s snowing. Yesterday, we had flickers and hairy and downy woodpeckers among the usual assortment of cardinals, juncos, titmice, jays, and chickadees. Even had a red squirrel! The below-zero temps have finally gotten the chipmunks to go to ground.

  2. Such a pretty pic of these birds Maria. I got such bird guilt that I’ve kept one feeder going and I have some beautiful birds. They fly from the Rhododendron to the feeder and back constantly. So happy I’m feeding this winter!

  3. One of my favorite books is “How to Be A Bad Birdwatcher.” In it, he refers to those birds that all look the same as “LBJ’s” – Little Brown Jobs.

  4. Beautiful winter scene. Their colors are so beautiful against the white of the snow. They almost become feathered flowers for me as I look forward the petaled kind springing from the ground come March and April!

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