Socks and Kim…Friends?

Socks and Kim in the pasture this afternoon
Socks and Kim in the pasture this afternoon

For the past few mornings it’s been the same thing. We haul a bucket of water to the animals, Red comes in the pasture, and Away he goes, around the feeder and apple tree moving the sheep out of the pole barn.  And for the past few mornings, Socks and Kim, instead of following the other sheep, have stayed behind in the pole barn with the donkeys.  Now this us unusual.  Usual for sheep is for them all to stick together, it’s what sheep do. So I don’t know why Socks and Kim are hanging back, but seeing them together makes me think they’ve become friends.  And they look kinda cute together, like a couple of teenaged girls being defiant.  They’re both smaller than the other sheep, actually the same size and younger and other than that,they are the opposite of each other.  Socks is stocky and black with a tight kinked wool.  Kim is light on her feet, white with  a long fleece.  I don’t know if sheep can be friends, but that what it looks like to me.  They seem comfortable with each other, at the same place in their lives and they like to be together.   So maybe sheep can’t be friends, but I wouldn’t know what else to call it.

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