Toast and Tea and GingerAle

Fanny and Lulu in the snow
Fanny and Lulu in the snow

Oh today, I had such plans. A full day,  tea with Mandy and Athena,  lunch with Jon and Elizabeth (the town undertaker) then working my monthly shift at the Cambridge Co-op.  In between I was ready to finish piecing together  Kimberly’s Body Temple Quilt,  the interfacing came in yesterday’s mail.

Instead I’ve spent the day sleeping on the couch and reading a bit of Amy Tan’s new novel while Jon brings me toast and and tea and glasses of Ginger Ale.  It would be a nice day if I wasn’t up sick half the night.  Food poisoning or a virus.  Oh, here comes sleep again….

8 thoughts on “Toast and Tea and GingerAle

  1. I am sure with all those tender ministrations you will be better in no time, Maria. So sorry to hear you are ailing, though, as those plans sounded so nice.
    Love the donkeys in the snow, and hope they get some open ground soon.

  2. I’ll blatantly steal the words of a very wise woman (just yesterday!):
    “Let the magic do its work.” Be still, get well, and let your hubby take good care of you—you SO deserve his gift! And no guilt; it’ll all be there when you’re better.

  3. Maria –
    If it’s food poisoning, it hits about 12 hours after you’ve eaten the bad food and if it isn’t really serious, you should feel better in about 24. If it’s a virus you’ll be sick longer. I’ve had food poisoning. I ate some chicken soup at Waterville Valley Ski Area and it was only lukewarm. I didn’t know what I know now or I would have taken it back.But I ate it and 12 hours later it hit me. I was so sick I lost 10 pounds in two days and it took 2 weeks to gain back my strength. I called our town health officer and reported it and they reported it to the state. Hopefully they sent someone to check out the kitchen at Waterville. Something like that could kill someone who is very young, very old, or on immunosuppressants.

  4. Hope you’re feeling much better now. Food poisoning or virus – doesn’t much matter which it is. TLC sounds like the right Rx! Feel better soon!

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