Body Temple Quilt

body temple

My goal was to get Kimberly’s Body Temple Quilt pieced together before Christmas.  There’s actually still a strip of purples that needs to be sewn onto the bottom, but I got enough done to feel good about it.  It’s good to have it off the floor and on the wall.

Looking at a picture of a quilt or any piece I make is always different from seeing it in person.  I see things in a photo that I might not otherwise notice.  I often take a picture of a piece if I’m working on it and am trying to make a decision about choosing between fabrics.  Somehow looking at it from the distance a photo provides  me a new way of seeing it.

In looking at theses photos, the in and out fading of the denim caught my eye.  Also the repeated lacy snowflake-like patterns in several of the fabrics.

I’ll finish Kimberly’s quilt with a flannel backing as she requested.  Good for snuggling under.

Body Temple detail
Body Temple detail

8 thoughts on “Body Temple Quilt

  1. I really like this quilt!! So enjoy reading your blog daily along with your pictures–I think I’m a farm girl at heart 🙂
    This year I made each of my adult children quilted throws for Christmas. I’m known for having lots of UFOs (unfinished objects) and I was determined to use up some of my seemingly endless fabric stash and to actually complete my 3 projects (all done with the exception of tieing the last one–tonight’s the night!) I credit your blog for inspiring me to start quilting again after a multi-year hiatus–Thanks for your posts, wishing you and Jon a very Merry Christmas & happiness and health in 2014!!

  2. Lovely ! At one point thinking I was just taking a photo of a mosaic piece in process through completion, I found it very helpful. It has become a habit and a second look tool. Thus I connected to your comment. I love when that happens ! Happily it happens often when I read your blog. Here comes the smile. 🙂

  3. Maria, this is one of my favorite pieces of your art…the dynamic fabrics create a very spiritual effect. The lover right piece seems gathered like a little skirt (may just be the way it is hanging) and reflective of things I see you wear….really a very personal work. Congratulations….Kim will love it, I am sure.

  4. You do have an eye for colour and design, Maria. I would agree with your assessment about the snowflake design, it is a continuam for the eye to follow across the quilt and the gradation of values, good.
    Dec. 25th, it is, and a very different Christmas for me as well.
    SandyP in icy, Southern Ontario, Canada

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