Birds, Snow and Cold Out My Window

bird at feeder

Oh cold, so cold today.   It’s been snowing and blowing since early this morning.   The frost on my studio windows made line drawings and the birds were busy at the feeder all day.  The chickens hardly came down from the roost.   We put straw down in the pole barn and grained the  donkeys and and sheep.  Two pairs of socks, wool inserts and wool slippers kept my feet warm on my drafty studio floor.

3 thoughts on “Birds, Snow and Cold Out My Window

  1. Feet being treated likewise in my studio in Houston, TX with the heat set at 76 degrees!!! Too many windows in these new houses. After 36 years down here from NJ, my blood has “thinned out” as they say about us “Carpetbaggers!” Wish I had wool melton snow pants like we had as kids!Keep warm – the cats know how.

  2. Hi Maria and Jon, looking at pics of the pole barn and you both working with the animals in the bitter cold, an idea came to mind that if you could fasten heavy plastic across the boards that form the fence it would make a wind break and keep a lot of the snow from blowing in. There is a heavy duty plastic that is used in construction that would probably last through the bitter cold part of winter. It wouldn’t cost too much and even be warmer for the animals.
    that’s my 2 cents for today!. drink lots of hot tea and stay warm.
    only 77 days until Spring.. Patti

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