Win A Photo By Jon Katz in the Common Thread Give-a-way

Morning Road by Jon Katz
Morning Road by Jon Katz

It’s time for the Common Thread Give-a-way again.  It happens the first Monday of every month.  We have five artists in the give-a-way and each month one of us gives away a piece of our work.  It’s Jon’s turn this month and he’s giving away his signed photo Morning Road.  It’s matted to fit into an 11×14 frame.

To enter this months Common Thread Give-a-way just leave a comment on my blog (usually you leave a comment on the blog of the artist giving something away, but Jon doesn’t have comments on his blog, so you can leave them on mine)  and I’ll pick a winner at random.  I’ll be announcing the winner on Sunday January 12th.

Next month it will be my turn to give away a piece of me art.  Then Rachel Barlow in March, Kim Gifford in April and Jane McMillen in June then back to Jon in July.  So check out the other artists and their blogs and see what you might be able to win in the coming months.

122 thoughts on “Win A Photo By Jon Katz in the Common Thread Give-a-way

  1. I love Jon’s poems, photographs and have seven or eight of his books. I just want to say Maria,that I love the photos of you doing the barn chores and talking to the animals. It takes me back to when I was younger and was carrying water in the dead of winter to cows on our farm in Maine. I was up at 4 a.m. and did not think twice about it. Maybe if I moved back there,it would all come back to me. But, alas, I have to live my farm life through you. I love the country and Jon;s beautiful photograph reflects that and you reflect everything I love about sewing, chores and just life in general!

  2. Your work got me talking about a sewing machine here around the house, and guess what I got for Christmas!
    Put me in for the drawing, please.

  3. Just finished reading The Second Chance Dog. I loved it as much as all of the other Bedlam farm books I’ve read about Jon and his dogs. Saw your website noted at the end and was happy to see on it among other pictures of your work, the photo of Freida with the cats. What a wonderful story, about you and Frieda and Jon. Thank him for introducing your work to the world (and yes, please add my name to the drawing for his photo!). Thanks, Marie

  4. Maria and Jon,
    Thank you both for sharing your selves and your art with this world. I, too, am drawn to the photographer artist’s light. This road beckons.

    This is my entry.

    Take care,

    Columbia, MO

  5. This is a beautiful picture of hope to me- the new morning, shadows lightening, the stark loveliness of the trees revealed. I’ve enjoyed seeing it on the blog and can imagine how beautiful it is person. Thank you, Jon!

  6. What a gorgeous Photo. This would be displayed prominently in my home, and I think it would inspire me to get a better camera and explore a new Art. I’ve always wanted to take better pictures, and this would help me to get outside more and move my body, something I need to do to help fight my Fibromyalgia. Good luck to everyone who has entered! I could stare at the Photo for hours….

  7. Pick me! Pick me! The photo reminds me of the road I lived on as a child. It would look great on my red wall!

  8. Hope it’s not too late to enter for Jon’s spectacular picture. Just got home from the weekend and am checking emails!

  9. I’ve always loved Jon’s photographs. They bring back many beautiful memories of growing up in Washington County, NY. Maybe I’ll get lucky! 😉

  10. What an inspirational photo! It’s darkness giving way to light and hope. A new beginning, a new day. Much like the message you and Jon evoke in your messages. Take care and stay warm!

  11. Jon is a self taught photographer, and his pictures speak to me. In addition to being a best selling author, he can also be a best selling photographer. Thanks for the opportunity to own his work.

  12. It’s a beaut–love upstate NY. Would donate it to the Big Moose Community Chapel bazaar silent auction in August 2014–love the Adirondacks, too.

  13. I have been a fan of Jon’s for a very long time, since my brother turned me on to his Blog and his blog turned me on to yours and some of the other talented people whose blogs you showcase. I would love to own this picture ! and thanks…..

  14. Hi Maria and Jon! This is another beautiful photo of Jon’s. I would really like it! Maria, I have a thought about an idea for your potholders . . . a series of you and your “feed the animals” wardrobe which Jon commented on in a recent post. With your colorful fabrics and such, it would be fun to see what you come up with. Take care and keep warm.

  15. Love the photo. Wait: next month will you reprise the Magic Jon-dance potholder?? Maybe I should wait for that. 😉

  16. I have practically kicked myself every day for the last several years for not buying one of his signed prints of a tree – a big beautiful leafless tree I think. This was back when he was just getting going on his photos. Would love to have this one.

  17. “Thus having prepared their buds against a sure winter the wise trees stand sleeping in the cold.” William Carlos Williams

  18. Thanks Maria, for using your comments section to give us the chance to win one of Jons wonderful pictures. Have fun on your trip to NY, enjoy a break from the farm chores in this bitter weather. I’m writing this from nr Buffalo, NY where we have been under blizzard warning for past 24 hours, with windchill temps of -40!!! We have driving bans and road closures which mean we couldn’t get into work even if we tried, so I have been sewing, knitting, and bringing in plenty of wood for the logburner. Thankful that we are safe and warm, and our house is still intact after the big wind gusts!

  19. Oh Maria you have so many entries but maybe I will get lucky. I love the perspective in the photo . Looks like the trees are falling into the road.

  20. I love Jon’s photos! This one is definitely winter, but not barren nor harsh. Lovely colors with the sun peaking over the horizon down the country road flanked by the snow. I would be proud to hang it on the wall of my newly rented apartment!
    Enjoy your trip to New York! I hope it warms up a little for you both! You deserve a break.

  21. Love your story about imagining who the woman was who made the old quilt and signed it. When I was a young teen, my parents bought an antique gold ring with tiny pearls and a petite diamond for me while in New Orleans. Inside was inscribed “FH to EJH”. I dreamily spent many an hour imagining the man who presented the ring and the woman who accepted it and wore it, where they lived, when the ring was presented, if they married, lived long, had children etc. Now my own daughter wears the ring, and she recently told me that she too had often wondered about and imagined who were the first owners and who wore the ring. It wasn’t an original work of art like the quilt but I do love that the ring was signed and made personal by those initials.

    1. Oh yeah Sharon. So many stories can come out of a ring like that. All that potential romance attached to it. And from such a richly colorful place as New Orleans, my minds is already full of stories!

  22. Beautiful image as so much of his work is. I do hope you all again do notecards…my opinion…the image of Lulu in the snow by the red barn would make a special Christmas card…a donkey, a barn…an event. I love it so much it may become a watercolor portion of a crazy quilt. Be blessed in the coming year, Maria.

    Susan from Tennessee

  23. I have read- and given as gifts- ALL of Jon’s books and have been reading the story of Frieda in “2nd Chance Dog” over the last couple days.Jon and dogs have been part of our library and memories for years. I,too,am a fiber artist here in CO and was SO pleased to learn just this morning of your website,Maria! Love your work- and would write more- but am off to my Color group of quilters right now. So reading past page 196 will have to wait. Must have a good ending!

  24. Love reading both blogs, yours and Jon’s. I love hearing about the animals and the farm. I would love to win Jon’s photo 🙂
    Stay warm!

  25. Finished reading The Second Chance Dog just before Christmas which we purchase through Battenkill Bookstore.

    Many thanks to both you and Jon for the personal signing.

    An enjoyable read and would certainly enjoy framing Jon’s beautiful photo.

    Best to All

  26. I am a new follow of yours and have followed Jon for about 3 or 4 years now on fb. I love his photos especially the recent wide angle ones.
    My mother and daughter took a trip up to Bedlam Farms from Ohio in the fall of 2011. It was a special trip for them. My mother is probably his biggest fan and was able to meet Jon and I believe Rose once at a book signing. It was something she will always hold as special in her heart. She loves his writings and if I win the photo, I will give the photo to her as a gift. Thanks and I am glad I found your blog due to his. 🙂

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