Win A Photo By Jon Katz in the Common Thread Give-a-way

Morning Road by Jon Katz
Morning Road by Jon Katz

It’s time for the Common Thread Give-a-way again.  It happens the first Monday of every month.  We have five artists in the give-a-way and each month one of us gives away a piece of our work.  It’s Jon’s turn this month and he’s giving away his signed photo Morning Road.  It’s matted to fit into an 11×14 frame.

To enter this months Common Thread Give-a-way just leave a comment on my blog (usually you leave a comment on the blog of the artist giving something away, but Jon doesn’t have comments on his blog, so you can leave them on mine)  and I’ll pick a winner at random.  I’ll be announcing the winner on Sunday January 12th.

Next month it will be my turn to give away a piece of me art.  Then Rachel Barlow in March, Kim Gifford in April and Jane McMillen in June then back to Jon in July.  So check out the other artists and their blogs and see what you might be able to win in the coming months.

122 thoughts on “Win A Photo By Jon Katz in the Common Thread Give-a-way

  1. I am glad that I refound my Jon Katz books and did a little more looking at what he was up to these days.
    I have very much enjoyed “meeting” you and Jon and am glad that you two found each other and that you found your creative genius again and are able to let it sparkle and shine through and share it with the rest of us.

  2. I left a comment on the wrong blog to get a chance to win this photo. It is very beautiful and reminds me of roads “up north” in Michigan where I live. I do hope I win this and I would love to hang it in my craft room. Thank you.

  3. Hi,
    I so enjoy your blog and Jon’s everyday. I pass on your creations and expressions to my sister in New Mexico, my friends and family in New York and MA. Thank You so much for sharing your lives with so many. Today was my Dad’s birthday, he passed on to me his tenderness and understanding of animals. I am grateful for this and hope to pass on this understanding to my granddaughter. I am looking forward to coming to your next Open House.

  4. I grew up near Glens Falls (Broadalbin), but have been out west for the past 35 years. I love looking at Jon’s pictures; they make me a little homesick. I also love the stories. My heart dog died from cancer three years ago today ( I actually had him euthanized – he was so very sick – running a high fever and couldn’t seem to drink water). I still miss that dog, but am finally thinking about getting another.
    I also enjoy your blog and love the beautiful quilts and pot holders.

  5. I have followed Jon’s books since his early dog books.( introduced by my daughter) . I instantly felt a connection as my husband & I were restoring the first house built in Rupert VT., right over the mountain
    from the first Bedlam Farm. We had many impressions of the area in common. I looked at John’s photo today & thought the Morning Road has something in common with the “mourning road”… the end there is light.
    Thank you both for sharing your experiences .

  6. Just read Jon’s most recent book The Second Chance Dog A Love Story . Beaufiful story depicting both human and canine relationships. I encountered your website for your fiber art here. Thank you. It truly is special when two talented individuals mesh.

  7. What a wonderful photo!!! I would cherish it! I hope you and Jon are having fun in NYC, your blogging has been fun to read and I like the stuffed alligator!

  8. I loved reading The Second Chance Dog, such a beautiful story about you and Jon and your fur baby. I’ve added it to my personal library with ALL of Jon’s previous books. I enjoy reading your blogs everyday and would love to purchase your beautiful fiber arts for my home. Jon’s pictures are lovely and make me homesick for NY. You and Jon are in my heart.

  9. Hope ya’ll are enjoying New York City. I was there for a few days in 1998. Second Chance Dog was Great!


  10. Love your site, as well as Jon’s. I have been following Bedlam farm for many years and love your story of meeting Jon, chasing rainbow, and his comments about how much he adores you, lucky you!

    Best regards and looking forward to seeing your sketches!

    I ordered note cards a while back and was touched that you signed the card, Maria, and that I could touch something from someone I’d read about for years.

  11. I’d should check with you here. Which isn’t something I usually do! I get pleasure from reading a post that will make individuals think. Also, thanks for allowing me to remark!

  12. What a beautiful photo. Please do enter me in the give-away. As always, I have enjoyed your New York City museum posts and your unique perspectives on what you have seen. So much fun to read.

  13. I am a teacher and have spent the entire Christmas break reading several of Jon’s books…can not put them down! I also discovered what a blog is thanks to Jon. Previously I had no clue as to what a blog was. Now I am on your blog and have discovered this contest. I would love to enter and try to win a photo by my favorite author. I am also wondering if you sell your quilts and pot holders. I used to sew and love your style!

  14. Got my Mom Jon’s new book Second Chance Dog A Love Story for Christmas, she was thrilled! I enjoy following both your blogs and hearing about your animal adventures. I’m also happy to see the two cats enjoying the inside, they look very content!

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