Barn Cat / House Cat

Unusual for Flo to be caught in such an undignified position.
Unusual for Flo to be caught in such an undignified position.

It’s been lots of fun watching the cats get used to living inside the house.  Not that it took them long.  Having Flo inside makes me realize how much Minnie can’t do that is so natural to cats.  Like jump soundless onto the back of the couch appearing suddenly beside my head while I’m reading.  Or seeming to vanish then miraculously appear where you didn’t expect her to be.

But Flo, like Minnie  still has the barn cat in her.    Since it’s been so cold we have buckets of water lined up in the kitchen for the donkeys and sheep, just in case the pipes freeze.  Although a water dish, that all the animals drink from, is just ten feet way, Flo won’t drink from it.  As she does outside, she drinks from the buckets.  When there are no buckets, she prefers balancing on the rim the toilet.

And I was thrilled to see Minnie running across the yard yesterday (it was 50 degrees out in the morning and we made the cats stay outside until the temperature dropped to single digits in the afternoon) with a dead mouse in her mouth.  Strange, I thought, that such a sight could bring me so much joy (poor mouse).  But it was Minnie The Barn Cat I was seeing and glad to know she didn’t lose that too.

Sometimes I feel bad for Minnie, seeing what Flo does and knowing Minnie can’t do it anymore.  But Minnie does seem to get what she wants.  And if she doesn’t, she’ll let you know.

3 thoughts on “Barn Cat / House Cat

  1. You are giving your cats the best of both worlds, and so lovingly and responsibly. They are grateful, and are adding so much joy to your life…..Thank you for sharing their beautiful stories and photos.

  2. Flo, where is your dignity? (Certainly it’s not visible in that photo).

    Glad to hear that Minnie still has her barn cat instincts and can follow through on them. Animals can adapt to change so much better than we do; she just had to work on getting her balance back and she’ll be terrorizing rodents in no time.

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