A Central Park Horse and his Driver

A Central Park horse and his driver
A Central Park horse and his driver (another of Jon’s photos)

Like I said, when I go the city, I gravitate to the squirrels and birds and horses and dogs and parks.   This Central Park horse had such a presence and he and his driver seemed to have a strong connection.

4 thoughts on “A Central Park Horse and his Driver

  1. A beautiful photo! I so hope the people of New York can save the jobs of these lovely drivers, and their beautiful horses. They have been a local treasure for so many years….

  2. Hi Maria. I follow both blogs daily and thoroughly enjoy them. I know Mr. Katz does not appreciate diagnosis emails (don’t blame him) regarding Red. This is just a thought. Does Red have access to the cats food. Hope everything turns out fine with him.

  3. I love the image of the horses in big old cities as well. It is NOT as if they are worked like the olden days – I think their are some pretty strict guide lines in force PLUS I think people would get quite upset if a horse looked sick and uncared for.

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