Lynne’s Fargyle Socks

The socks Lynne knit from Suzy’s wool

Ya know the kind of people who don’t seem to be able to sit down with out something to keep their hands busy,  well I think Lynne Maillet must be one of those people.  When ever I go on her blog, day after day, she seems to be working on something new.

If I remember correctly, she started making these socks before Christmas and got sidetracked with orders so had to put them down for a while.  Now if that were me, there’s a good chance I would have put them down and never picked them up again.  But not Lynne.  She finished these up just a couple of days ago.  They’re made from my sheep Suzy’s wool and the design is called Fargyle.  (you’ll have to ask her about that).

I knit a simple pair of socks once and vowed I’d never do it again, so you can imagine how impressed I am with Lynne’s work.  She said they’re comfortable and warm.  That I can imagine too.

6 thoughts on “Lynne’s Fargyle Socks

  1. Comfortable and warm and very beautiful. Good work Lynne! Good work Suzy! I’m a sewer, not a knitter, so I’m quite envious of this talent.

  2. Maria…my Mom in Florida LOVED this and especially the comment about always keeping my hands busy….She said, “You should of seen her when she was a kid!”

    Suzy’s wool is beautiful…I can’t wait for Spring and the new yarns and rovings! Thank you for keeping us fiber addicts well supplied!

  3. Thankfully, I learned to knit at seven years old! But my Mom had to keep running down to the local department store to keep me supplied in paint by numbers, loop potholders, yarn, glue, gimp bracelets, and even gum wrappers that I made necklaces out of! One summer I had the bright idea to make Elmer’s glue circles on wax paper. When they dried, I strung them all together to make a cool necklace! Although it did get a little sticky in the heat and humidity!

    Hope your tooth is feeling much better! 🙂

    1. Such a Creative idea Lynne, I love the Elmer’s glue necklace! Your house must have been filled with your work. How nice to have such a supportive mom.

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