“Use Me! Use Me!”

sewing machine quilt

Must be the painkillers, I’m a bit off today, in body and mind.  They aren’t even anything strong, just some prescription Tylenol, but I’m a lightweight when it comes to that stuff.  I felt like I had every single piece of fabric and lace and ribbon swirling around my head when I came into the studio after visiting Kim.  They were swirling, but I couldn’t make any sense out of them. It was like they were all shouting at the same time “Use Me! Use Me!”.   So I’m not sure how it happened, but here it is almost time to feed the animals and there’s a quilt design on my floor.

I had a piece of fabric, that has a sewing machine printed on it and what I think are instructions for making a stuffed sewing machine(?).   I cut that into strips, using the image and words as pattern.  I also cut out the stained part from an embroidered table runner and put that in the quilt.  There’s a lion from a wonderfully embroidered  border that was given to me and a tiger,elephant and lion on the top right.  So it’s a real mix, but I have to say, when I put that teal and blue striped fabric (doesn’t look like strips in the photo but it is) on the bottom of the quilt, an ugh sound came from deep inside of me.  It was just so right.

Detail from my new quilt
Detail from my new quilt

5 thoughts on ““Use Me! Use Me!”

  1. Maria
    When you started quilting utilizing the Gee Bend style were there any particular books you read to familiarize yourself with that style? Any you would recommend to a quilter who wanted to learn that style?

    1. The only book I have is called Gee’s Bend, The Women and Their Quilts. More than anything I get from the book not so much a style, but the inspiration to follow my own intuitions. I still look at it all the time for inspiration Eileen.

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